Synth-pop duo Myzica breaking Nashville music barriers

Myzica is a musical pair that isn’t afraid to stand out. Amongst country, alternative and folk genres, this bubble-gum ’80s duo is taking the leap to bring indie pop to Nashville.

Producer Micah Talks and singer Isaaca Byrd came together to create something new for Nashville natives.

This pair has been around for about two years but released an album called Love and Desire in September 2016. It is filled with bubbly, synth-pop jewels that Nashville will surely adapt to; hopefully the rest of the country will follow suit.

This duo represents a side of Nashville that isn’t highly recognized. The difference between the pop music they create and the pop music that society normally thinks of is the real emotion pouring through the lyrics and songs as a whole.

Myzica knows how to maintain the rhythms and ecstatic personality presented in each song but also keeps the originality. This combination is what makes them an indie pop duo to be reckoned with.

Having a sound very similar to HAIM, Cappa, Dagny and BØRNS, Myzica has a unique feature that stands out from most. From experience, I can say that this music can turn any horrible winter day to a cheerful sunny day. The glistening sounds and soothing vocals will bring listeners pure joy when they need it most.

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