Delta Saints brings ‘Bayou rock’ sound to Nashville

With an original sound and an upbeat blues-rock feel, the Delta Saints are another outstanding band making their way through Nashville. Maintaining a unique sound is difficult as an artist in Nashville, but this group achieves it so easily.

It didn’t take long for the Delta Saints to grow as a band, both in numbers and in popularity. By mixing rock ‘n’ roll with blues, this band attracts people of all ages and musical backgrounds. After being in the music scene for nearly a decade, with many released EPs and one full-length album, the Delta Saints found their final member and had their first full band rehearsal at a show in Spain. The Delta Saints finally completed their puzzle and released a new album in 2015.

Bands such as The Black Cadillacs, Zach Williams and the Reformation, The Allman Brothers Band and The Black Crowes all maintain a sound of their own but have heavily influenced the Delta Saints’ vintage swamp-rock sound.

The band knows how to incorporate smooth guitar riffs and soul rhythms into each song. With a sound like this and an ever-growing fan base, nothing can stop them now from making it big across the globe.

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Colony House brings a new sound to rock ‘n’ roll

Nashville’s own Colony House is changing the game in music. These 20-somethings from Franklin, Tennessee, have been together only since 2009, but the band is slowly making its way out of the indie category.

Colony House has had its fair share on alternative radio stations, grabbing the attention of millennial listeners. Two months after releasing an EP in 2014, Colony House debuted on Late Night with Seth Meyers. A year after that, the band made an appearance at Lipscomb University in Spring 2016. These boys have a future ahead of them with their album, Only The Lonely, that just came out in January 2017.

The sound this band creates is a new type of rock ‘n’ roll. They almost have a Beach Boys sound with its uplifting guitar playing mixed with melodies like Cold War Kids, creating a sound very similar to Vampire Weekend. With such a wide mix, the band manages to withhold its unique, original sound. What makes a song a Colony House song is the emotional lyrics. The group portrays such meaningful lyrics, which connects fans to the music. You’ll want to play this music with the windows down on a summer day.

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Nashville’s music scene embraces new indie-rock act Moon Taxi

Out of all upcoming Nashville-based artists, Moon Taxi is by far the most successful since Kings of Leon. The group formed in 2006, but the rest of the country is finally noticing them. The band performed on late-night shows and popular music festivals; they’re not Nashville’s little secret anymore.

Moon Taxi developed a sound that is unique compared to most music today. Their music mixes Americana with a groovy, electronic sound. With this style, it’s no wonder Moon Taxi has managed to capture the hearts of millennials and classic-rock lovers.

They have a sound very similar to artists such as The Dirty Guv’nahs and The Revivalists. With each album containing many different sounds, any song will make you tap your foot. The perfect time to listen to them is when the sun is dawning on a Saturday evening. Moon Taxi’s music will for sure bring happiness to any listener.

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