Nashville’s music scene embraces new indie-rock act Moon Taxi

Out of all upcoming Nashville-based artists, Moon Taxi is by far the most successful since Kings of Leon. The group formed in 2006, but the rest of the country is finally noticing them. The band performed on late-night shows and popular music festivals; they’re not Nashville’s little secret anymore.

Moon Taxi developed a sound that is unique compared to most music today. Their music mixes Americana with a groovy, electronic sound. With this style, it’s no wonder Moon Taxi has managed to capture the hearts of millennials and classic-rock lovers.

They have a sound very similar to artists such as The Dirty Guv’nahs and The Revivalists. With each album containing many different sounds, any song will make you tap your foot. The perfect time to listen to them is when the sun is dawning on a Saturday evening. Moon Taxi’s music will for sure bring happiness to any listener.

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