Humming House introduces a new form of bluegrass to Nashville

Humming House is bringing a new sound to the city of Nashville. The group first came together and made music in 2011. Now its album Revelries, which came out in 2015, shows Nashville what talent it can bring to the table.

Humming House started making music that isn’t very popular in Music City. Songwriter Justin Wade Tam gathered some friends to make a mixture of bluegrass, Irish and folk music. Because of their creation, they received lots of attention. They received attention from big local names such as Lightning 100 and the Americana Music Association. Later on down Tam’s road, he found a solid band to create what is Humming House.

Revelries is their first album they wrote, arranged and recorded as Humming House. That’s all they need to express how talented their vocalists and instrumentalists are. Their talent can be heard through their recorded music, but they are a group that must be seen live. Bluegrass is typically a genre that is much better live, so that just proves that Humming House puts on a fantastic performance.

The way they play their acoustics is unlike any other. Using the mandolin, acoustic guitar, bass and fiddle, they create music that is accompanied by harmonic, hearty vocals, adding the folk pop sound. The Lone Bellow, Carolina Story, and The Roosevelts all have a similar sound to Humming House. The Singer/Songwriter category is gaining some great new acts, expanding the horizons of Nashville music.

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Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors are no strangers to Nashville music

The Americana music genre is becoming increasingly popular in Nashville, along with one of the genre’s best upcoming artists. Together, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors have sold over 100,000 albums and has played almost 2,000 shows in seven countries. As an emerging group, this band is certainly capable of making it.

Starting as a solo artist, Holcomb has had quite the success as a singer/songwriter in the past. He toured as an independent artist and released his first EP and full-length album before he formed his band in 2006.

As a band, the group has released nine albums and is credited with titles featured in several television shows. Although the band has had many members come and go over the years, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors continue to grow in the music business regardless of how many “Neighbors” there are.

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors are very passionate about music, and it’s evident through the music they create. Their newest album, Medicine, proves it. The album’s rich vocals and smooth folk rhythm create an Americana masterpiece.

Holcomb grew up listening to powerful artists that have inspired his music today. Musical influences include Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, etc. Today, Holcomb’s music is comparable to artists such as NEEDTOBREATHE, Judah and The Lion, Ben Rector, Ray LaMontagne and Penny & Sparrow. Any time you are looking for smooth music to listen to on a summer evening while watching the sun set, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors will set the tone.

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