The Daybreaks make incredible debut in Nashville

The Daybreaks have a very unusual story. They were founded on accident.

Songwriters Kaleb Jones and Heather Bond wrote songs together for TV and film. But it wasn’t until Bobbly Holland suggested producing a record that they became a group.

Holland previously recorded with Jones for his solo album, so this new project did not come as a surprise. During their recording of this new project, Holland contributed by playing and singing background vocals.

It was then that they decided to start The Daybreaks.

Before becoming a group, each member was successful separately. Bond’s producer was Grammy-Award winning Matthew Odmark off of her debut album So Long and an additional EP. Jones had many musical works under his belt and was successful on the hit series from NBC called The Sing Off. Holland was a multi-instrumentalist known for his ability to mix and produce. Combining these individual talents is what makes The Daybreaks such a powerful group.

The Daybreaks create a sound that uses pop beats to create an indie/electronic sound. Sounding similar to Alabama Shakes, Saint Motel and Wild Cub, the group features silky voices that work perfectly with Holland’s producing to master a specific sound that you would want to keep on repeat – thus creating the beautiful, electrifying sound The Daybreaks are known for.

Have you listened to The Daybreaks’ music? If so, what do you think about the band? Leave a comment!



  1. I have never heard of them, but I will definitely check them out. Also, this is a really cool blog, one of my favorites, and you seem to know the ins and outs of music in Nashville really well. Awesome job!

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